v1.6 Prestashop Spend Another XX To Get Free Shipping Module v1.2.0 [Custom]


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Feb 13, 2019
The original module add a line "Spend another XXX to get free shipping for your order!"... but only this single line.

This custom version will add a additional extra line: "Don't forget... Free delivery start at XXX." just above.


If you use the Free Shipping rule from the global Prestashop setting (to do that, you must specify the value of free shipping on "Improve" > "Shipping" > "Preferences"), the amount and the currency will adapt themselves automatically.


How to get it work?

It's very simple:
  1. If you don't already have it, download the original module, and install it in your Prestashop.
  2. Download the custom "Spend_XXX_Black_Magic", unzip it and drop the content (named "gmgetfreeshipping") into www.MY-WEBSITE/themes/NAME-OF-MY-THEME/modules/
  3. Clear your cache.
All done! Congratulations

If you need more customizations to perfectly fit your theme, there a CSS file available in /gmgetfreeshipping/views/css/, so you can easily add a color background, change the font type and/or size, etc...

Note: As no modification was done in the module himself, in the future, you can upgrade it without loosing this customization.

Enjoy ;)

Download the Module Spend XX Prestashop 1.6 v1.2.0 (latest version March 2019):
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Download Spend XX Black Magic 1.6:
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Tip: If you noticed it, there is [Custom] in the title, so if you type Custom in the Search box, and hit Enter, you will see all my custom modules


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