V1.7 Amazzing FIlter v3.1.3


Jan 22, 2021
  • Fast and smooth filtering, tested on stores with 30 000+ products
  • Full filtering functionality on other controller pages beyond categories: New products, Specials, Bestsellers, Search results, Products by manufacturer, Products by supplier and Main page.
  • Customizable templates for all categories or other controller pages
  • Special filters: new products / bestsellers / prices drop / tags / in stock / condition
  • Optionally show/hide counters
  • Optionally show/hide/dim options with zero matches
  • Predefined customer filters
  • Exclude out-of-stock products from the filtered results, or move them to the end of the list, preserving selected ordering
  • Count stock basing on selected attributes
  • Display prices/images basing on selected attributes
  • Check combinations existence basing on selected attributes
  • Ajax pagination, sorting and products display (page is not reloaded)
  • Possibility to replace pagination with “Load more button” (additional products are appended to current list)
  • Possibility to replace pagination with Infinite scrolling
  • Easily select hook and change positions on module configuration page
  • Multistore support
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What's New in Version 3.1.3(12/11/2020)
  • [+] Optionally display color boxes with/without names
  • [+] Optionally define max. visible items for each filtering block
  • [+] New option for instantly saving settings in BO
  • Improved support for decimal values in numeric sliders
  • Slightly updated design for filter block
  • Fixed non-available supplier filter on template for search results page
  • Improved compatibility with Classic Rocket theme in PS 1.7
  • Misc fixes and optimizations

demo: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search-filters/18575-amazzing-filter.html

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